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chemistry for kindergarten and primary school children


headerInteractive chemistry activity using the informal education methods, targeting kindergarten and primary school children is presented. Based on the 29 activities, reaching 700 participants from Hungary, methodical background, educational issues, potential risks are discussed. The program is developed by professional chemists with long year background as youth leader. Next to kindergartens and primary schools successful activities are held in summer camps, science festivals and community centres. Herein, the authors describe the planning process and scenario of the chemistry activity that can be implemented by readers.


 Everyday phenomena from the kitchen, using non-hazardous materials from households are presented to the children (aged 4 – 8) through an unordinary way. Activity developed and performed by profession chemists is focusing on basic chemical and physical processes. The methodical background, step-by-step scenario and society feedback (media coverage) of the kindergarten and primary school chemistry activity is discussed. Educational background is continuously developed during the activities performed in educational institutes, summer camps, science festivals and community centres. Scientific questions raised during the experiment are collected. The program description is presented in a form that can promote the implementation of the project at other kindergartens and primary schools.


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